Verdiana Raw Live Showcase at SXSW 2017

Italian singer-songwriter Vediana Raw is performing live at SXSW 2017 on March, the 16th, 9 pm local time at St. David's Historic Sanctuary and at SXSW Aperitivo Italiano Official Showcase on March, the 15th, from 2 pm local time at Numero 28.

Verdiana is going to showcase in duo with viola-player Erika Giansanti, bringing on stage an intense blend of rock atmospheres combined with classical music influences. Verdiana Raw's piano and viola performances are deeply engaging, due to her expansive vocal range and her artistic sensitivity.

'Whales know the route' (Pippola Music) is the sophomore album of the Florence-based singer, songwriter and performer Verdiana Raw and it's released four years after the firts record 'Metaxy'. During those years Verdiana has studied musictherapy, an experience that let her have a different vision of her music.The new record benefits from a new approach to lyric writing and from a more conscious use of the expressive potentials of Verdiana's voice, which is now more focused than before on the song form, more concise and concrete. Meeting Paolo Favati has been crucial to her. He produced the album letting Verdiana's compositions grow and assume a more complex form. This evolution is also dued to the contribution of the viola player Erika Giansanti, musician of great sensitivity, used to mix rock and classical music influences in her style.
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The concept of the album centers on the metaphor of the Whale totem, which represents the millenary memory of the world, the voice of profound and autenthic emotions, the instinct and the listening to our own sound and heart; Verdiana compares all those things to the feminine strenght flowing into motherhood, with all the power of the Mother Intuition. 'Whales know the route': whales follow oceanic route without getting lost trusting their animal instinct.

The choice of the songs didn't have a logical explanation, but was based on an instinctual approach, putting together different atmospheres combined by the desire to communicate in a simple but polished way.

With this record Verdiana Raw tries to get out of known worlds to embrace the new and the surprise. She lets go black or white mode to go into colours and nuances.

For all of those reasons 'Whales know the route' is an important album, a bridge, a springboard for other ways of singing and conceiving musical structure.

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